Friday, June 27, 2008


I think we need to start a "Higher Output Resolution and Lighting for Undressed Vixens" program. Or HORLUV. Basically a program to give girls with crappy cameras a way to show us the breasts and bottoms they are longing to show us. Oh and dudes too, I guess.

How is the name? Cams for Bad Girls? Eh. Pixels for Nipples?

What do you think? A walk-a-thon? Should I call Jerry Lewis?

Or possibly I might have to make a world tour with a Nikon, some of those big silver lighting umbrellas and my shear determination. Read More...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fiction - Backroom

When I pushed her against the bookshelf and kissed her neck and pressed myself hard against her, she didn't seem surprised. When will I learn to read women better?

There are hot days where you get the itch. I tried doing something about it that morning, but I was almost late for work so that half started dalliance made my day even worse. At work at the bookstore we didn't get one customer, so I was sent in the back with Lucy to unpack boxes and catalog.

She was my type. She had always been my type. Why didn't I figure out sooner that I was her type?

I pulled up her dress, so easy with that loose soft cotton. Up, up until it was all the way to her tits. She held it there while I pulled the cups of her bra down just enough so that her thick nipples stuck out.

She was an inch taller then me and sort of awkward with her thin waist and big hips. She was sort of butch, I guess, even in a dress. Too tall, shoulders a little broad. She was a "field hockey girl" if that makes any sense. Tall, a little thick, a little too well built for some men's tastes. I wanted her from the get go. She was an R. Crumb wet dream and I had her against the back room's nonfiction shelf and her face was getting lost as I squeezed her tits together and sucked on each dark brownish nipple.

Is it a power thing to want to make a girl come? It's the thing that gets me off the hardest. And god damn I wanted to make her come. I wanted to see that calm face I saw everyday turn red and those eyes get lost and her sweet mouth try to bite back moans.

My hand was on her little pouch of a stomach and then into her plain cotton underwear and then my fingers were spreading out in warm soft curls.

"Oh, fuck..." she mumbled, sounding drunk.

She had light brown hair, short and curly and parted in the middle. Light green eyes and she never wore makeup. She was perfect. All day in the heat and the half hard haze I was in I noticed her looking at me. She smiled at me. She bumped into me four or five times as we passed in the cramped back room, her round ass against my crotch more then once.

I should have gotten the hint, but I just don't get women a lot of the time. I always "think" they are coming on to me, but I'm never sure.

"Damn, it's hot." I said an hour before I threw her against the bookshelf. She nodded and wiped her face and the bit of chest exposed my her low cut dress.

"Yeah... you want to get something cold with me later on?" she asked, trying to be casual.

I eyed her. We had never really went out, even to lunch in a friendly coworker way, in the six month I worked there. I smiled dumbly.

"Like 'coworker's getting a drink' or like..."

She punched me on the arm. "Like what ever... like a date even, if you want."

I smiled really wide and nodded. "A date with you? Hell yeah."

"What does that mean? Hell yeah?" she was smiling brightly and blushing a little.

"It means I've been crushing hard on you for a couple of months now. But I get nervous asking someone I work with out.. it can be all weird if they say no."

After that she bumped into me even more. Unpacking books and moving boxes became sweaty flirtation. After an hour I couldn't take it, at that brings us to were we were...

She fumbled with my belt, then my zipper and then she let out a sigh when she reached in and grabbed my hardness. She smiled at me, a wolfish look on her face. Hungry and biting her lip. I watched those eyes as my finger slipped between her lips, wet with her, and softly rubbed against the side of her clit. She winced with pleasure, her breath caught and her hand squeezed me tighter.

She moved down, letting my hand slip out of her underwear and she pulled my pants down a little, just enough to let my cock slip out.

Now, I had been hot and horny all day, not to mention flirting with her for the last hour. I was on edge. She wasn't playing around, she jerked me roughly and licked the tip of my cock with her warm wet tongue. She wet the tip and then sucked me in. My knees almost gave as it felt like my brain was being dipped in hot butter. She knew what she was doing.

She sucked half of me in and then 3/4, her teeth dragging across the head and then the warmth of her mouth over me again.

"Wait... I'm pretty close already..." I said feeling a little silly being so fast, but that was the kind of day it was.

I saw her smile as she kept sucking. She looked up at me and I was lost. I wondered if she felt the same way I did, did she like that I was under her control right now?

She flooded her mouth with saliva and her lips and tongue slid faster and wetter against my cock. My hands clenched as she kept going. I tried to warn her, "I'm.. slow down.." I pleaded, but she would have none of that. She sped up, holding the base of my cock with one hand and letting her other drift down to play with herself.

She moaned against me as she looked up pleading and that was it. The itch that built all day was finally scratched and I came, shooting again and again into her. She never slowed, she swallowed it all.

As she stood up, I sank to my knees panting.

"Holy shit.. that was..." I said, leaning against her leg. She smiled down at me, one hand holding up her dress as the fingers of her other worked under her panties.

I stayed there on my knees in front of her, watching her fingers move under her panties for a minute. Looking up at her, hair was in her face, her mouth was open. I kissed her inner thigh, I bit the warm flesh. I moved up, dragging my lips against her skin. She puller the wet cotton aside and I ran my tongue along the wet soft hair and then slipped it into the salty sweet slit.

She braced herself against the wall and pull hard against her panties, pulling them farther to the side. She let two fingers open her lips for me and I saw the soft inner lips glistening.

I sucked at each little lip. I let my tongue glide around her clit, which was very large and very hard and swollen. She grabbed my hair with her free hand and let out a gasp. I circled her clit hood, just grazing the pinkness that peaked out. She let out a little cry every time I made contact. I moved one hand up her thigh and licked two fingers. It was very easy to slip them into her. She was wetter then any girl I'd ever been with.

She was whimpering now, a little too loud. She was past being discrete. I pushed my two fingers in farther and started licking around her clit faster and then sucking on it. She started breathing hard and fast in time with my finger fucking. She clenched her fist in my hair and her thighs on my hand and came hard.

We heard the bells of the front door of the store just then and in seconds her dress was back down and my pants were zipped and we were apart, though hot sweaty and bright red faced. Read More...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Lonely Doll

I am obsessed with this picture:

It is a photo spread from a BlackBook magazine issue. It is based on The Lonely Doll book, you can see the whole set here. Read More...

Dating Archive: The Aggressive Bottom

This happened a few months ago. It went a little farther then I thought or even wanted it to go. It sort of showed me that I can be as aggressive and as physical as I am expected to be. By nature I am not much of a top. I mean, I am certainly dominant, but certainly not a sadist. I like giving pleasure and I like power play, teasing, etc. It seems like a lot of times if my partner needs more I will step up. This was one of those times.

So I went on a date with a very brash, very loud, very amusing woman last night. She was the only person I'd ever met that know all about the 90's version of The Twilight Zone series and we talked about that for an hour. The comic books. Then geeky movies.

I realize I am weird in a lot of ways. Like I know too much about random stuff and it confuses people. Like she is into Japanese Horror and Anime and other things and asked me if I was and I said no, because I'm not really into those things. Then we talked about them and I had seen more of both than she had even though she was a "real fan" or something. And I know weird factoids about things I should know like Scandinavian Death Metal and sports. These things just adhere to my brain somehow.

Anyhow, all that seemed to impress her, so that's good because she is very cute, if a little overwhelming.

She is originally from California and she is going to Law School and has a somewhat fancy job and if very forward. Considering the last three dates I was on were with shy awkward girls it was a bit confusing.

We were going to see No Country for Old Men at around 7:30 after getting some drinks, but drinks turned into more drinks and we got tickets for the 10:30 show and walked around town flirting up a storm. We went to Forbidden Planet, a geek shrine and super comicbook/rpg/collectables store and had a loud conversation about porn and Christian Bale.

By the time we went to the movie we were in a bit of a state. She was a little distracting at the movie. Maybe I was too. It was all the kissing.

After we walked around having a heated debate about what the movie meant. We were walking around and I asked "Where are we going?" and she rolled her eyes and said "You are taking me to your apartment."

And so there was that.

At the apartment she looked around, complimenting my taste in books, she likes my apartment, my little knickknacks, my taste. Then we were kissing. On the couch and I was figuring out her body as we went along. Women all work differently. You just have to keep your eyes open to how they react. Within five minutes I knew what she wanted, but I wasn't sure how much to give her.

Her neck, of course, had to be kissed in the right way. When I dragged my nails across her back her eyes rolled into the back of her head. When the kissing got more intense I pulled her hair and she moaned. She liked it rough. She was a tough girl, so I would have to give it to her with my all.

On the bed with her shirt off I kissed her all over, I pinched her nipples and sucked and lavished every inch of her. She rolled over and I pulled her jeans down a little. She let out a gasp, but I wasn't rushing fucking her. I soothed her by only pulling them down enough to expose her bottom and then I gave her a playful little spank. She laugh and pushed her ass up against my hand. I smiled and gave her a real one. Hard.

Her smile disappeared and she moaned loudly. Another and another. Another harder until she squirmed, then I soothed her and turned her and went back to kissing her.

She was a wet thing, soaking wet by the time I got into her panties. She had a thick clit, a big sex, unshaven, not what I usually like, but it went with her personality, if that makes sense.

When I fingered her she lost control. She gasped and moaned and pushed her hips up to meet my fingers. Eventually she pushed my hands away, panting.

"You have to fuck me now, please."

I teased a bit more, but it was going to happen. No doubt in my mind.

She looked into my eyes and said "Be rougher."

I pinched and pulled her nipples hard and she loved it, but she wanted more. I pulled her hair hard and bit her neck. More. I slapped her hard across the face and her eye were delirious. I slipped into her and fucked her hard and fast.

"Please, more..." she begged.

Fucked her harder, the whole beg moving with the thrusts. I slapped her again and grabbed her by her hair pulling her back as I fucked her again and again.

"Choke me.. please..."

I put a hand around her throat, closed it tight.

"More. Harder."

I put the other hand around and squeezed as I fucked. I squeezed both hands and she started going wild, moaning and I felt her coming around me, her muscles contracting and her body shaking.

I let go just as I came so hard it was almost painful.

Then we laid there, limp. She was panting hard and she looked... strange. She looked sort of embarrassed and ashamed.

I kissed her all over. I kissed her lips and eyes and held her.

"Sleep here, ok."

She agreed and pressed herself into my body, burying her head in my shoulder.

A few hours later I awoke, we were pressed together like spoons and she was pushing her ass back against me, rolling her hips and making tiny little wanton whines.

My hands came around her so naturally and cupped her breasts, then they moved down and took hold of her hips. She fumbled with my nightstand and found where I had gotten the condom the first time and handed me another.

I love that position, us both on our sides, my hands on her hips her back against my chest and my mouth on her neck. She was so wet, I wonder how long she had be rubbing against me hoping I would wake up and fuck her again. When I slipped in we moved together hard and desperate. I was holding her hips to hard, my fingers in her thick hips as I pounded against her. She kept going "oh, oh, oh" every thrust and she came fast, within a minute or two. Then I sort of pushed her forward and took all of her thick curly hair in my fist and pulled her back into my cock over and over again my her hair, fucking her hard, pressed against the softness of her ass. She came again like this, even harder.

I felt myself ready to come and I sped up, I fucked her harder, not holding anything back, still pulling her hair. By the time I came she was so loud. I slipped out and she was panting hard and her body was shaking.

In the morning we did it again.

I'd say it was a good first date.

Prose: Pet

We start kissing in the cab, my hand sneaking under her dress when the driver isn't paying attention. She was waxed clean and smooth and always wet, my little pet, and that made it so my fingers slipped right in perfectly. She slaps me away, wanting to be a good girl until we get inside.

When we get to the apartment I pulled up her skirt and turn her around and push her against the couch. It has been more than a week. I neede her fast the first time, no playing, no foreplay. I just open my pants and pull her soaked panties to the side and slipped against her smooth wet lips. I love the look of her pink pussy against my cock, I like the folds and texture of her little cunt, moved around by the thick head of my dick. I rub my hardness against her, as if it were my tongue or finger. Wetting myself with her and then rubbing against her clit and she writhes and moans.

I can hear her whining and begging under her breath. "Please, sir, please..." As much as I want to slip right in, I have to tease just for a little while. I can't help it, the sound of her begging is like heaven. I slip just the head in and out and she pushes back and moans and whimpers. "Please, sir, please!" Just the head, just a little more. I am already so wet with her. A little more and she is clutched the pillows of the couch and letting out loud moans.

When I start for real it is hard and fast. So hard that later I will find bruises on her hips where my hands pulled her ass back to meet every thrust.

When she was close she asks, because she is my perfect pet, "Please, sir... please... can I?" She always asks. "Come for me." I say, my voice is gravel. I could feel her come. I could feel every muscle inside of her tighten around me.

We go like this for a long time. She is perfect in every way, she can come like this over and over. I start going really hard and fast and I can see her holding the pillow tight and building for the next one. I slap her ass hard, once, twice, then over and over again. "You better not fucking come, do you hear me?"

"Please, sir!" she begs. I fucked her faster, a hard steady rhythm. "Don't you come you little slut, do you hear me? Don't come!" She squeezes her legs together, maybe trying to hold it back, but it comes like thunder and she lets out a long hard wail.

"You fucking whore. You are in so much trouble." and then I started fucking her like mad. Pulling her ass into me as I rammed into her. "You think you can come when I tell you no?"

When I feel myself nearing she can tell. She begs for it. "Come in me, please... I want to feel it shooting inside of me... please, sir. I'll be good... please let me have it, please.. I want your come."

And then it takes everything I have to keep going, faster and harder, because I have almost no control left of my limbs. I feel her tightening around me again as she tries to form words to beg for more. Then the heat of her body is too much, the tightness, the wetness, the softness of her ass smacking against me, and I come, finally after waiting so long. And it feels like forever, over and over again and she is pushing against me when my legs are too weak to go on.

Somehow we move onto the bed and lay down all wrapped up in each other's arms, a wet sticky sated mess.

But it only last minutes. Before too long my hands find her breasts again and cradle the softness of them. Her body is as receptive as ever.

Now it is time for her to learn her lesson. She came when she was told not to and so she needs to be spanked properly. Tied down to the bed, ass up in the air for me. I will spank her until she is bright red and then spank her bare little pussy until she is squirming away from my hand. Teasing her in every way and then taking her in every way. Every part of her will be mine, because she is mine.

My perfect pet.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From the Dating Archives - The Librarian

(This happened about 7 months ago)

The Librarian is my height, dirty blond, chubby but not very, cute mid western girl. A red gingham milk maid dress and knee high white socks with three red stripes. She was 26, but looked and acted maybe 23. Clumsy, goofy, very intelligent, well read, librarian, rocker girl. She likes beer and likes nachos, but also likes literature and gourmet restaurants. She is adorable, with an interesting mix of wide eyed enthusiasm and geeky know-it-allism.

She has a tattoo of her home state on her arm. She swooned when she told me she had a tattoo of the state bird and for some odd reason I knew what it was.

We flirted from the minute we met. She was touchy feely, she wanted sex. She drank too much and my hand was on her leg and she was dragging me out of the bar. We were in a cab and kissing within minutes.

She fucks like a there is no tomorrow. She is a fucking machine. She is insatiable and amazing. Limber and dripping wet. Cute and potent. Very comfortable being naked.

She can't kiss for her life, though. She can be trained. She just comes in with her mouth open, gulping for kisses like a bass.

She confided in me how she liked to be spanked. She wanted to know if that "freaked me out", I think the chuckle I gave her could have been in a bad James Bond movie. No, I think I can handle spanking.

It had been a while since I really spanked someone. Spanked someone bright red. She... really liked that. I liked it too. She was a good girl, she didn't squirm, she didn't try and get away even when it was really hurting. I really went off on her. I got the angle right. If you do it wrong you are sort of hitting them when you do it hard. You have to be spanking. You have to get the full palm. There should be a loud sharp smack every time, followed by smoothing and petting and maybe dipping your finger into that spot that should be getting wetter and wetter.

We like each other in a very funny friendly manner. I think she is adorable in her awkward way. We quoted Lolita to each other. Our relationship sorted itself out very quickly. She wants to come into town once in a while, have a few drinks and fuck all night. She doesn't want to hear about who I am dating. She doesn't care. She wants to have fun and have lots of very rough sex.

"Please, sir..." just sort of slipped out of her mouth at one point and I knew there was something in her past. I'll have to make her tell me all of her stories. I certainly don't mind being referred to as Sir, but she better know I take it kind of seriously.

I am tired.

It was very odd and weird and new for me, because I wasn't expecting to take someone home and my sheets still sort of smelled like another girl. Read More...

From the Dating Archives - FancyJobGirl

(This happened about 7 months ago)

So... my second date with FancyJobGirl.

It went well. It lasted 18 hours. A solid 7 of those involved sex. With another 7 of talking heatedly about books, music, media, marketing, history, movies, gender politics, etymology, etc.

She is a short girl. Adorable. A little chubby, no breasts, fair ass. Ridiculously intelligent. Mensa smart. Quicker than me. A wordsmith. We both came out no holds barred, our best material. We were both impressed and swooning.

Her job is not as fancy as I thought. It is fancy, but she hasn't named very much and she works with a large team. It is still way fancier than my job, so she bought breakfast.

I don't think either of us were expecting sex. She came back to my apartment and after nice conversation I kissed her. She kissed me. I kissed her neck, bit her ear, found her buttons. She reach down my pants and then we were on the bed.

She is very multiorgasmic. I found her g spot easily and when she comes that way it is violent and emotional and amazing to watch. After she is shaking and incoherent for a good 10 minutes. Her clitoral orgasms are little bursts that go on forever as one long orgasm.

She kept giving me this look... like how the fuck does this guy know how to do this, which made me feel very nice.

The fucking was good. Not great. She is a little body conscious and there are some other issue that I will get in to in a minute. I was good, she could be a little more active. Her oral sex was nice, but short.

So over breakfast she told me that she had lived with a women for five years, which explained so much. I think she thought I would have more of a reaction, but I kind of just smiled and said "this is very interesting."

She said guys either recoil or act way too interested and say "I have this friend..."

It explains a lot about the sex. Her ability to receive a lot of stimulations. He understanding of how to let herself have a lot of orgasms. Her sort of clumsiness around a cock. As nice as it was she does have a bit of that... thing that a lot of bi girls have. That sort of greedy "I'm just going to lie here are you are going to pleasure me for a few hours" thing that I have experienced before. I mean, it is not a purely bi girl thing, but it is pretty prevalent in that demographic.

Still I can work with it. We will see where this goes. I was sort of up front about the whole "casual dating" thing and one of the first things she noticed when she came in to the apartment were the nails in the walls with no pictures on them.

"Almost looks like someone lived here with you and just recently moved out." she said sarcastically.

Anyhow. Interesting.

From the Dating Archives - The Video Editor

I had another journal a while ago that was pretty locked up. Here is a retelling of events that happened about six months ago.

Not sure what to say about my date last night. Very very odd. Surreal.

Half Asian Video Editor Girl. It was our second date.Went to dinner, walked around, I was frankly thinking things weren't working out. A lot of awkward silences with me like looking around for some way of escape. Then she sort of randomly asked if we could hang at my apartment.

We took a cab back to my place, she pretty much did that thing girls do where they sit there waiting to be kissed, so I kissed her. Things progressed pretty normally from there.

I was pretty confused, because she seemed to send me a lot of messages that this wasn't going to happen. She shot me down the first date. I slowed down during the kissing and asked her if I was moving to fast and her response was "I want you to fuck me."

Well, I may not be the best at reading messages, but that one I think I can interpret as a positive.

Let me describe her. My height, chubby-ish with most of her weight carried in her behind and breasts. Shoulder length straight black hair, warm light brown eyes, which are sort of asian looking, but sort of not. Pale skin with lots of freckles on her nose and cheeks. Cute in a dorky way.

I didn't really think about it at first, but she wore a long sleeve shirt on both dates... though I did notice she did the emo sleeve tug a lot, pulling sleeves over her hands. She took her pants of as things progressed, but only pulled up her shirt and I started to get why.

Cutters. I have been with cutters before. I should have read it a long time back. I saw the first few on her belly, all in a neat little row. The more skin that was exposed the more I realized she was a serious cutter. I mean... rows of neat deep scars. Neat and even rows with the occasional slash across. You could see the attention to pattern and the occasionally followed urge to ruin even her own destructive works.

She has tattoos (chinese characters) on her wrists and up her arms, plus a large character on her chest between her breasts and I would lean later two playing cards on her back. The queen of hears and the queen of spades... significance?

Then I saw an almost successful suicide attempt, big thick slashes down her wrist. She has kangi tattoos all down her arm and the scar splits the dark ink
in half with a golden white scar as thick as a pencil. Which means it wasn't that long ago. It was after she got the tatoos which I am guessing were done when she was in her early 20's.


People have issues, I'm fine with that, I understand that. But to be honest I got freaked. I had an equipment failure. I think it was the big scars cutting into the tattoos... I kept thinking about it.

But I worked through it. She had a good time and I eventually found my way through to at least some degree.

I always kiss scars. It just seems like what you should do. Does that make sense? She seemed to be comforted by it.

She had to go home because she didn't bring anything for her contact lenses... or just didn't want to stay, who knows.

Weird weird night. I like her, not in any serious way, but she is sort of fascinating in an emotionally fucked up way. Really she seemed bubbly and happy the whole time, I had no idea what would be under her shirt, besides very large breasts.

I certainly don't want to rattle her or ask too many questions that she doesn't want to answer... still my curiosity will always overpower any other emotion. Queen of Hearts and Queen of Spades... hm. Dark past or just a troubled youth? What broke that little girl?

Sigh, deep down part of me just thinks of people as stories. Deep down I kind of like that I feel that way. Read More...


I'm a reasonably normal person. Like a lot of people I think I am a little smarter than most. I'm witty, I'm sarcastic, I am occasionally arrogant. I am often fascinated. I like to examine things, situations and people. I can be very patient when I feel I need to be. I am very well read. I am addicted to Wikipedia. I like reading about sex and people's sex lives. I like finding out secrets.

My kinks are varied. I am a very curious person. I am very willing to participate in someone else's fantasy even if their kink isn't exactly mine. I am a voyeur, though I like to be an acknowledged audience as opposed to a spy. I enjoy participating in a girl's pleasure or more accurately being in control of it. More than any other kink I enjoy being in control of someone's pleasure.

I like rough play, a little bondage, some spanking. I am certainly dominant, though I am not into lifestyle D/s master/slave type relationships. I think roles are a bit more fluid for me. I like to play. When I get into a role I am in it all the way, but I don't like to live roles.

I am not a sadist, I do not get off hurting someone physically or emotionally, though I understand some people's desire to be hurt or humiliated and I have been involved in things more intense than spanking and more humiliating than name calling when the need was made clear.

I like withholding pleasure or prolonging it. Long teasing sessions. I am patient and can hold out for long periods watching a girl squirm and beg.

As I said, I like writing about sex and reading about sex. I will read about pretty much any sex act as long as it is well written. There are some very wild stories online and I have read some of the darkest, filthiest and hottest. I see a real difference between fantasy and reality and how some things are better left as words on a page. I often read and write about things I do not condone in real life.

Physically I am usually attracted to women who are curvy, be that just buxom and sultry or chubby and soft. I tend to like short girls (under 5'4"). I'll just say it outright, I like big tits. Big tits and big asses. Chubby little sluts are my favorite things in the world. Chubby little sluts who will call me Sir/Daddy... I'm pretty much powerless against them.

More than any physical trait, I'm attracted to intelligence. I like well read women. Librarians, teachers, professors, writers, musicians, etc are all a plus.

Last year I ended the longest relationship of my life which lasted about 5 years. I'm not particularly looking for something long term now. Now are the hunting days. I'm having a lot of fun out there, but I'm very safe and I haven't found someone to share a lot of the secrets I have and will talk about in this journal. Read More...