Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fiction - Backroom

When I pushed her against the bookshelf and kissed her neck and pressed myself hard against her, she didn't seem surprised. When will I learn to read women better?

There are hot days where you get the itch. I tried doing something about it that morning, but I was almost late for work so that half started dalliance made my day even worse. At work at the bookstore we didn't get one customer, so I was sent in the back with Lucy to unpack boxes and catalog.

She was my type. She had always been my type. Why didn't I figure out sooner that I was her type?

I pulled up her dress, so easy with that loose soft cotton. Up, up until it was all the way to her tits. She held it there while I pulled the cups of her bra down just enough so that her thick nipples stuck out.

She was an inch taller then me and sort of awkward with her thin waist and big hips. She was sort of butch, I guess, even in a dress. Too tall, shoulders a little broad. She was a "field hockey girl" if that makes any sense. Tall, a little thick, a little too well built for some men's tastes. I wanted her from the get go. She was an R. Crumb wet dream and I had her against the back room's nonfiction shelf and her face was getting lost as I squeezed her tits together and sucked on each dark brownish nipple.

Is it a power thing to want to make a girl come? It's the thing that gets me off the hardest. And god damn I wanted to make her come. I wanted to see that calm face I saw everyday turn red and those eyes get lost and her sweet mouth try to bite back moans.

My hand was on her little pouch of a stomach and then into her plain cotton underwear and then my fingers were spreading out in warm soft curls.

"Oh, fuck..." she mumbled, sounding drunk.

She had light brown hair, short and curly and parted in the middle. Light green eyes and she never wore makeup. She was perfect. All day in the heat and the half hard haze I was in I noticed her looking at me. She smiled at me. She bumped into me four or five times as we passed in the cramped back room, her round ass against my crotch more then once.

I should have gotten the hint, but I just don't get women a lot of the time. I always "think" they are coming on to me, but I'm never sure.

"Damn, it's hot." I said an hour before I threw her against the bookshelf. She nodded and wiped her face and the bit of chest exposed my her low cut dress.

"Yeah... you want to get something cold with me later on?" she asked, trying to be casual.

I eyed her. We had never really went out, even to lunch in a friendly coworker way, in the six month I worked there. I smiled dumbly.

"Like 'coworker's getting a drink' or like..."

She punched me on the arm. "Like what ever... like a date even, if you want."

I smiled really wide and nodded. "A date with you? Hell yeah."

"What does that mean? Hell yeah?" she was smiling brightly and blushing a little.

"It means I've been crushing hard on you for a couple of months now. But I get nervous asking someone I work with out.. it can be all weird if they say no."

After that she bumped into me even more. Unpacking books and moving boxes became sweaty flirtation. After an hour I couldn't take it, at that brings us to were we were...

She fumbled with my belt, then my zipper and then she let out a sigh when she reached in and grabbed my hardness. She smiled at me, a wolfish look on her face. Hungry and biting her lip. I watched those eyes as my finger slipped between her lips, wet with her, and softly rubbed against the side of her clit. She winced with pleasure, her breath caught and her hand squeezed me tighter.

She moved down, letting my hand slip out of her underwear and she pulled my pants down a little, just enough to let my cock slip out.

Now, I had been hot and horny all day, not to mention flirting with her for the last hour. I was on edge. She wasn't playing around, she jerked me roughly and licked the tip of my cock with her warm wet tongue. She wet the tip and then sucked me in. My knees almost gave as it felt like my brain was being dipped in hot butter. She knew what she was doing.

She sucked half of me in and then 3/4, her teeth dragging across the head and then the warmth of her mouth over me again.

"Wait... I'm pretty close already..." I said feeling a little silly being so fast, but that was the kind of day it was.

I saw her smile as she kept sucking. She looked up at me and I was lost. I wondered if she felt the same way I did, did she like that I was under her control right now?

She flooded her mouth with saliva and her lips and tongue slid faster and wetter against my cock. My hands clenched as she kept going. I tried to warn her, "I'm.. slow down.." I pleaded, but she would have none of that. She sped up, holding the base of my cock with one hand and letting her other drift down to play with herself.

She moaned against me as she looked up pleading and that was it. The itch that built all day was finally scratched and I came, shooting again and again into her. She never slowed, she swallowed it all.

As she stood up, I sank to my knees panting.

"Holy shit.. that was..." I said, leaning against her leg. She smiled down at me, one hand holding up her dress as the fingers of her other worked under her panties.

I stayed there on my knees in front of her, watching her fingers move under her panties for a minute. Looking up at her, hair was in her face, her mouth was open. I kissed her inner thigh, I bit the warm flesh. I moved up, dragging my lips against her skin. She puller the wet cotton aside and I ran my tongue along the wet soft hair and then slipped it into the salty sweet slit.

She braced herself against the wall and pull hard against her panties, pulling them farther to the side. She let two fingers open her lips for me and I saw the soft inner lips glistening.

I sucked at each little lip. I let my tongue glide around her clit, which was very large and very hard and swollen. She grabbed my hair with her free hand and let out a gasp. I circled her clit hood, just grazing the pinkness that peaked out. She let out a little cry every time I made contact. I moved one hand up her thigh and licked two fingers. It was very easy to slip them into her. She was wetter then any girl I'd ever been with.

She was whimpering now, a little too loud. She was past being discrete. I pushed my two fingers in farther and started licking around her clit faster and then sucking on it. She started breathing hard and fast in time with my finger fucking. She clenched her fist in my hair and her thighs on my hand and came hard.

We heard the bells of the front door of the store just then and in seconds her dress was back down and my pants were zipped and we were apart, though hot sweaty and bright red faced.


Lilly said...

:) Just what I was looking for....

Ellie said...

So when are you going to do a reading of some of your work on my podcast?

Jack said...


Wow. That would be awesome. Let's see what we can come up with when I get back to states.


Spank. Glad you liked it.

Mariella said...

Fucking YUM, sir...

Janie Blooms said...


This is some awesome stuff.

Field hockey girl. R. Crumb. And that sense of urgency that just propels this tale like a freight train heading to Orgasmtown.

I'm putting you on my blog roll. Fucking hot writing.