Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From the Dating Archives - The Librarian

(This happened about 7 months ago)

The Librarian is my height, dirty blond, chubby but not very, cute mid western girl. A red gingham milk maid dress and knee high white socks with three red stripes. She was 26, but looked and acted maybe 23. Clumsy, goofy, very intelligent, well read, librarian, rocker girl. She likes beer and likes nachos, but also likes literature and gourmet restaurants. She is adorable, with an interesting mix of wide eyed enthusiasm and geeky know-it-allism.

She has a tattoo of her home state on her arm. She swooned when she told me she had a tattoo of the state bird and for some odd reason I knew what it was.

We flirted from the minute we met. She was touchy feely, she wanted sex. She drank too much and my hand was on her leg and she was dragging me out of the bar. We were in a cab and kissing within minutes.

She fucks like a there is no tomorrow. She is a fucking machine. She is insatiable and amazing. Limber and dripping wet. Cute and potent. Very comfortable being naked.

She can't kiss for her life, though. She can be trained. She just comes in with her mouth open, gulping for kisses like a bass.

She confided in me how she liked to be spanked. She wanted to know if that "freaked me out", I think the chuckle I gave her could have been in a bad James Bond movie. No, I think I can handle spanking.

It had been a while since I really spanked someone. Spanked someone bright red. She... really liked that. I liked it too. She was a good girl, she didn't squirm, she didn't try and get away even when it was really hurting. I really went off on her. I got the angle right. If you do it wrong you are sort of hitting them when you do it hard. You have to be spanking. You have to get the full palm. There should be a loud sharp smack every time, followed by smoothing and petting and maybe dipping your finger into that spot that should be getting wetter and wetter.

We like each other in a very funny friendly manner. I think she is adorable in her awkward way. We quoted Lolita to each other. Our relationship sorted itself out very quickly. She wants to come into town once in a while, have a few drinks and fuck all night. She doesn't want to hear about who I am dating. She doesn't care. She wants to have fun and have lots of very rough sex.

"Please, sir..." just sort of slipped out of her mouth at one point and I knew there was something in her past. I'll have to make her tell me all of her stories. I certainly don't mind being referred to as Sir, but she better know I take it kind of seriously.

I am tired.

It was very odd and weird and new for me, because I wasn't expecting to take someone home and my sheets still sort of smelled like another girl.

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Lilly said...

Love it....sheets still kinda smelling like another girl...