Friday, June 27, 2008


I think we need to start a "Higher Output Resolution and Lighting for Undressed Vixens" program. Or HORLUV. Basically a program to give girls with crappy cameras a way to show us the breasts and bottoms they are longing to show us. Oh and dudes too, I guess.

How is the name? Cams for Bad Girls? Eh. Pixels for Nipples?

What do you think? A walk-a-thon? Should I call Jerry Lewis?

Or possibly I might have to make a world tour with a Nikon, some of those big silver lighting umbrellas and my shear determination.


Ellie said...

You deserve a blowjob for this post.

Lilly said...

There's probably a good reason for some of the pixelated/blurry pictures dear, haha

Just remember....nobody would wanna see a porno in high def :P