Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Prose: Pet

We start kissing in the cab, my hand sneaking under her dress when the driver isn't paying attention. She was waxed clean and smooth and always wet, my little pet, and that made it so my fingers slipped right in perfectly. She slaps me away, wanting to be a good girl until we get inside.

When we get to the apartment I pulled up her skirt and turn her around and push her against the couch. It has been more than a week. I neede her fast the first time, no playing, no foreplay. I just open my pants and pull her soaked panties to the side and slipped against her smooth wet lips. I love the look of her pink pussy against my cock, I like the folds and texture of her little cunt, moved around by the thick head of my dick. I rub my hardness against her, as if it were my tongue or finger. Wetting myself with her and then rubbing against her clit and she writhes and moans.

I can hear her whining and begging under her breath. "Please, sir, please..." As much as I want to slip right in, I have to tease just for a little while. I can't help it, the sound of her begging is like heaven. I slip just the head in and out and she pushes back and moans and whimpers. "Please, sir, please!" Just the head, just a little more. I am already so wet with her. A little more and she is clutched the pillows of the couch and letting out loud moans.

When I start for real it is hard and fast. So hard that later I will find bruises on her hips where my hands pulled her ass back to meet every thrust.

When she was close she asks, because she is my perfect pet, "Please, sir... please... can I?" She always asks. "Come for me." I say, my voice is gravel. I could feel her come. I could feel every muscle inside of her tighten around me.

We go like this for a long time. She is perfect in every way, she can come like this over and over. I start going really hard and fast and I can see her holding the pillow tight and building for the next one. I slap her ass hard, once, twice, then over and over again. "You better not fucking come, do you hear me?"

"Please, sir!" she begs. I fucked her faster, a hard steady rhythm. "Don't you come you little slut, do you hear me? Don't come!" She squeezes her legs together, maybe trying to hold it back, but it comes like thunder and she lets out a long hard wail.

"You fucking whore. You are in so much trouble." and then I started fucking her like mad. Pulling her ass into me as I rammed into her. "You think you can come when I tell you no?"

When I feel myself nearing she can tell. She begs for it. "Come in me, please... I want to feel it shooting inside of me... please, sir. I'll be good... please let me have it, please.. I want your come."

And then it takes everything I have to keep going, faster and harder, because I have almost no control left of my limbs. I feel her tightening around me again as she tries to form words to beg for more. Then the heat of her body is too much, the tightness, the wetness, the softness of her ass smacking against me, and I come, finally after waiting so long. And it feels like forever, over and over again and she is pushing against me when my legs are too weak to go on.

Somehow we move onto the bed and lay down all wrapped up in each other's arms, a wet sticky sated mess.

But it only last minutes. Before too long my hands find her breasts again and cradle the softness of them. Her body is as receptive as ever.

Now it is time for her to learn her lesson. She came when she was told not to and so she needs to be spanked properly. Tied down to the bed, ass up in the air for me. I will spank her until she is bright red and then spank her bare little pussy until she is squirming away from my hand. Teasing her in every way and then taking her in every way. Every part of her will be mine, because she is mine.

My perfect pet.

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