Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting to the Point

In trying to write a dirty little story with Miss Lilly from DangerousLilly I find myself being far too verbose for my own good. I can't just jump into the action, I tend to get caught up with characters' back stories and motivation and all that. Not that these are inherently bad things, it's just that when you want to write about fucking and you spend 2 pages just getting to someone's panties you have a problem.

Maybe I need to read more erotica. I went through a phase where read a lot of it. I had around ten of those Best American/Womens/Lesbian/Southern Erotica of 2000. Not to mention the essentials of Anais Nin, Venus in Furs,, The Story of O, what have you. Even the unbecoming Sleeping Beauty series and Belinda. I've been on the outs with published erotica for the past few years though. Reading online erotica from places like Literorica or StoriesOnline can be a mixed bag. You get some wonderful things but more often then not you lots of horribly written garbage. Often when you do get well written things they are far too dirty for their own good. This prickles my propensity to pen far to perverse things so I try and steer clear. Thus the reason I try not to read ASSM/ASSTR anymore.

I've sort of trained myself to write in a certain way and when I try and write straight sex my head gets confused and keeps yelling "who are these people and why are they on a train?"

Sadly this leads to a folder with dozens of sex stories with no sex in them.

That being said... does anyone have any kinks/scenarios/wet dreams/ideas they would want to read a story about?


Lilly said...

Every damn thing you write is a wet dream to me....

I love our story so far.

Mariella said...

I'm a Literotica nerd too--Text with Audio. There's this Brit on there who talks about jerking off into his Little Girl's panties--it's pretty much a guaranteed gush.

You should send me an e-mail, mister.

Jack said...


Gee whiz I liked your comment. I think there may me some audio erotica coming from this sight soon. One read by me and one read by a certain podcaster. We will see.

Send you an email, hm? I think I might just do that. Stimulating correspondences are the cornerstone of a full life. I am, after all, a man of letters.