Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Date: The Awkward Red Head

Sometimes a chaste kiss is all you need.

At the movie your arm brushes against hers. In the dark her lingering perfume is a constant reminder of her proximity. You think about how your body is positioned and how hers is, what it all means. Is she moving closer? Are her legs positioned away? She she trying to give you a sign?

After the movie you make small talk. Funny movie! Serious movie. Scary, sweet, political. I remember this movie once... That happened to my cousin.

A bite to eat? Sure. Eyes become bolder over a table. No dark I hide behind. You can make look right into her eyes while you talk and when she looks back and your gazes linger your heart starts to pound. You can make jokes that are a little more pointed. You can flirt.

You loiter at your table after the check has came and went and the waitress is getting annoyed. Out in the street walking down a quite block, you pause. She looks at you, then down, plays with her hair. You move in and she meets you. A kiss. Center kiss, upper lip, bottom lip. Bolder, you move in. She smells like fruity body spray. She sighs onto you as she pulls away.

"We should go, it's getting late." one of you say.

You get to the train. She moves in now before you can. She is pulling away will half her body and pulling you in with the other half. The kiss is hungrier, sucking each lip. Open mouths for a second but then she is away.

"I should go."

"We don't have to. We could get a drink." but it is half hearted. You don't have the strength or really even the desire.

She is blushing she looks up through her bangs. She doesn't trust herself. She had rules she can't afford to break. You like making girls not trust themselves.

"You kiss really well." she mumbles, again her hand in her hair, twisting and playing.

You move in but she moves back.

"I got to go, thanks. I had fun." and then she is gone.

You smile because it is nice to just have that, just a chaste kiss in the middle of the sidewalk. You don't want any more and you probably couldn't handle anymore. She is just a good girl and it is lovely to make a good girl blush. She knows you're not going to be her boyfriend. She knows what one more kiss could do.

She is a lovely flower but you have roses on my mind. Oh the roses you have in mind.


Lilly said...

This is a different writing style for you...I like this new flavor.

hussy red said...

those last two lines are hauntingly delicious. wow. i *love* them.

Ursula Brangwen said...

Quite nice. I'm a new reader to your blog (via your flaunting flirtations with Janie and Mariella, of which I am so jealous). This post makes me wish I still had red hair. Quite fun, quite nice, quite an ache. To quote Janie, "Sigh."

P.S. Why do all these bloggers keep posting such great shit when I have errands and chores?! Is this a conspiracy to keep the average woman from completing her wifely duties? I think so! Shame on you, Awesome Bloggers! When I get a spanking, I'll have to blame it on you.

Ursula Brangwen said...

P.P.S. Just saw your twitter profile. My glasses are pretty hot. Black-rimmed librarian frames on the outside. Tiger stripes on the inside. Rawr.