Friday, August 1, 2008

Fiction - Slow Summer Heat

I woke up this morning to this dream. I had to write it down fast. It's sad how I have a date and my head is full of a girl from years ago who fascinated me so.

Sex dreams about people from the past are interesting. I woke up to this memory of an orgasm I had where I got right to the edge and then stopped. I concentrated and felt every pulse like lightning. I'm no tantric what-have-you, but it is an interesting contrast to violent rolls in the hay.

Sigh, memories of her. She never could come without having her hair pulled or her nipple twisted. I kind of liked that. I certainly obliged. It's been a while since I've been enamored to that degree.

It was a hot sticky days full of barbecues and running around followed by one of those long summer nights where no one wants to go home and everyone just drink and drinks.

Jack brought Molly back to his apartment. It was a little after two and the both of them were exhausted. He watched her peel off her t-shirt and drop it on the floor, then unsnap her bra which left delicious little red marks around her back and under her arms. For some reason Jack liked these marks. He liked to touch them and even run his tongue over them. Molly would have none of that in the heat though. She was sweaty and smelled like smoke and dirt and beer. She pulled off her shorts and underwear and slunk off to the bathroom.

Jack turned the air conditioning in his little apartment on high. It was hot and moist, but it wouldn't take long to cool the place down.

It was one of those nights where he wanted to fuck badly, but the sun had sapped his strength and the beer had made him too unfocused to really do anything about the half hard erection in his pants, even with the curvy naked girl in his shower.

When Molly was done, Jack took a quick shower. His soapy hand toyed with his cock enjoying the meaty thickness of it when it was not hard but not quite soft either. It felt good to be clean again and cooled off by the luke warm water.

By the time he was done and pulled on a pair of boxers he found Molly in his bed, asleep. She was on her side with her arms around a pillow and her legs pulled up to almost her chest. She wore one of his white tank tops and a pair of pink lacy boy cut panties. Settling down on the bed his desire stirred, but sleep won out.


Something stirred and Jack's eyes opened slowly. The world was a blur of darkness and sheets. The smell of Molly's freshly washed hair and the soft hum of the air conditioner. The room had become almost cold and his skin was all goosebumps. He pulled the thin sheet over his body and looked at the clock with read 4:36am in blurry red.

Moving over to Molly, his hand landed on her hip and he felt the curve of her ass. It was so perfect it made him wince a little. Every time he touched it he felt the same pang in his chest of need.

His apartment didn't have much, but Jack did invest in a big queen sized bed. He loved it. He moved over to Molly and fit himself next to her, his knee snug behind hers, his naked chest against her back, her ass soft against his boxers. The warmth of her body felt good against him in the cool of the room, the sheet silken soft around them gave a little protection from the cold air. His hand rest on the edge of her stomach, fingers on the waistband of panties.

She made the tiniest of noises and shifted a little. She moved back against him, her hair brushing his face and her shoulder coming within an inch of his mouth. Her ass pressed back in a slow grind, something that always made him growl with need.

Jack wondered if she was awake or just instinctually reacting. Maybe she was dreaming.

She rolled her hips again, his hardening cock nestling itself between the cheeks of her ass. The want that was only a flicker before he went to bed had grown as he slept. He got harder as he pushed forward and slipped his arm around her, his lips brushing against her shoulder and his hand running up the smoothness of her belly and finally cupping her breast.

This was different then the way they usually had sex. They always seemed to be so violent, rough, pushing and shoving and fighting for control. Jack breathed in the soapy smell of her cool skin. He licked the slope of her neck and kiss just behind her ear. He smiled as he felt her hand gently grasp his hip, trying to pull him closer.

She was awake and she wanted it as bad as he did.

Molly was powerless when her neck was being kissed. She squirmed and moaned as he kissed just under her ear, then down to almost her shoulder. Little nips and sucks and licks that made her press that ass back against his cock over and over. All the while Jack felt the weight of her breasts, his fingers finding her nipples and circling them, easing them, getting them harder and harder.

Jack became obsessed with different parts of her at different times. Molly had one of those bodies. It wasn't perfect, but it was interesting. Wide hips and a big ass that she loved to have touched or spanked or just squeezed. He loved it too. Her breasts were large and heavy and unmercifully soft. He loved her breasts, but at that moment all he wanted was her ass. The feel of it against him. The way she reacted to having it touched.

They were still half asleep. Molly pushed her panties down the length of her smooth legs and Jack did the same. There was something so comfortable and almost romantically casual about the way they did it. They moved back to the same position and Jack's cock rested right between her ass cheeks. His hands trailed over her skin, up her arms scratching her back, over her hips, over her thighs.

The outer lips of her sex were plump and soft. It was facinating how it felt when it was smooth and dry. He brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked two of them, then brought them back to her. She closed her legs tighter and pushed out her ass.. With her legs together and her ass trust out the hairless lips of her pussy stuck out from behind beautifully. He felt her wetness suddenly, almost surprised by it.

Jack rubbed the length of his cock against those lips as he kissed her again. Molly seemed almost hysterical. She pushed his hands away and grabbed his cock roughly. She pulled it towards her and rubbed the tip against her wetness, making it slick. Then she pushed the head in and push her ass back at him.

Then they were wrapped up, sideways, the feel of her ass against his thighs and stomach felt amazing. Her breasts were in his hands and his cock was warm and wet inside of her. They rocked a little, barely fucking. She was making the sweetest little sounds. Jack held her hips and moved slowly. It wasn't really sex, it was something lazy and comfortable and so pleasurable it almost made him gasp. The tightness was agonizingly perfect. He'd hardly even been hard when this started and he was already feeling himself getting close to the edge.

"Even slower" she whispered.

She leaned forward and got something from the night stand. Jack heard the familiar buzz of her little pocket rocket. She opened her legs just enough to push it against her clit.

Jack could feel the vibrations somewhere. Vague pleasure. He wanted to hear her come, badly.

"I'm going to keep going, really slowly. Tell me when you are close. When you're about to come don't speed up, don't tense up, just relax and let it wash over you." he whispered to her.

"It's not going to take very long." she whispered back, taking his hand and putting it on her breasts. "Just hold it, don't play with my nipple it's too sensitive."

It was oddly comfortable, telling each other exactly what to do. Finding this soft and slow game.

She suddenly got incredibly wet. She just shifted a little and Jack felt it, felt himself slipping in faster, but he slowed down again.

Jack orgasm was this tingling energy that was starting in his hands and feel and he felt it building and building. It took concentration to stay calm.

"Pull my hair. Hard." she whispered, barely audible.

Jack had to move around a little to get his other hand to her head. He slipped his fingers into her silky still damp hair until his fingers touched her scalp. He closed his fist and pulled back, but he kept the slow pace of his trusts. Slow, but harder.

"Oh, fuck." she whispered, her hand now on his closing around her breasts tighter, forcing him to squeeze.

He felt her pussy contract on him, muscles tightening and fluttering. His orgasm was there, suddenly. He breathed deeply and relaxed his muscles and it came like little lightening bolds flooding his head. So different than usual. Soft and brilliant instead of hard and intense.

The buzzing of the vibrator stopped and they fell asleep just like that, with Jack still inside of her and his hand on her breast and his mouth nuzzled on her neck.


jdawn said...

It's nice to come back from vacation to find so much to catch up on. Especially something like this, that triggers summer memories of my own. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

this is just so very lovely. i think of those lazy sex times as times when parts just seem to fit perfectly TOGETHER without anyone's effort. perfectly captured moment, jack.